About Us

In the mid 1950's, E.E. "Spike" Spicer began a humble rep firm in Tulsa, OK. With a commitment to quality products and customer service, Mr. Spicer carved his niche in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma. Through the years Spike increased his customer base and the number of product lines he represented with his relentless work ethic. Needing to expand his sales force in 1978, Spike recruited Charles “Junior” Sandburg to become his partner, thus Spicer and Sandburg, Inc. was born. Many changes have come and gone since that time.  Our territory has expanded to include Oklahoma, Kansas, Southern Nebraska, Western Arkansas, Texas Panhandle, Western Missouri and Eastern Colorado. We now have facilities on S.E. 29th street in the heart of the oil patch in Oklahoma City.  Even though we’ve been through some big changes our adherence to Spike’s original philosophy of “See the people! See the People! See the People!” has helped us to keep one thing the same – Our commitment to quality products and customer service!